Large Acreage with Older Home for Sale in Vinson, Oklahoma!

14420 State Highway 30 Highway, Vinson, Oklahoma, 75601





MLS: 42249-24003

160. Acres

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Why You'll Love It

Large Acreage with Older Home for Sale in Vinson, Oklahoma!

Introducing an opportunity to own 160 acres in Vinson, Harmon County, Oklahoma. This expansive parcel is strategically divided by State Highway 30, with 40 acres on the west side and 120 acres on the east side. The location offers a serene and secluded environment, making it an ideal investment for various purposes.

Nestled on this sprawling land is an older home, a glimpse into the past with its construction dating back to the 1940s. While the house is livable, it presents a unique project for those seeking to restore and renovate a piece of history. The current owners use the residence when they visit, adding a touch of nostalgia to the property.

Accompanying the home is a small set of corrals and an approximately 60’X80’ corrugated sheet iron barn, providing ample space for various agricultural activities. Additionally, two small barns/storage buildings are available, although they require some attention and repair.

The property boasts good to excellent perimeter fences, ensuring the safety and security of the entire acreage. Some cross fencing adds versatility to the land use. A pond, although needing work on the dam, adds a charming feature to the landscape.

A small portion of dryland cultivation is present, offering potential for feed or garden projects. The property showcases a healthy stand of native grasses, making it an excellent choice for a cow/calf operation. Whether you're a seasoned rancher or a visionary investor, this property promises great potential.

Strategically located, the property is approximately:

In addition to its rich history and expansive acreage, this property is equipped with essential water resources to cater to both livestock and domestic needs. The Reed water district provides a reliable source of water, ensuring the well-being of your animals and meeting domestic requirements.

The property features four water wells, offering additional water options for various purposes. While these wells may need resurrection, they present an exciting opportunity for those looking to revitalize and optimize water resources on the land.

Two small granaries contribute to the property's functionality, providing storage space for grains or other essentials. These structures, like the rest of the property, offer potential for improvement and customization to meet your specific needs.

With a perfect blend of historical charm, vast acreage, and essential amenities, this property stands as a unique investment opportunity. Explore the possibilities and envision the future possibilities for this remarkable piece of Vinson, Harmon County, Oklahoma.

Where You'll Find It

  • Street Address: 14420 State Highway 30 Highway
  • City: Vinson
  • State: Oklahoma
  • County: Harmon


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